Benefits of Massage Therapy

Relaxation and Stress

A massage certainly can feel wonderful and relaxing. Many people find that they experience soft tissue discomfort with the stresses of everyday life. Massage can certainly help to relieve those everyday aches, pains and tension and promote a general sense of well-being.

The Treatment of Conditions

The Massage Therapists at the Halton Community Rehab Centre can treat you for a wide variety of problems or conditions such as:

  • Muscle Soreness or Spasm
  • Strains, Sprains, or Repetitive Strain Injuries
  • Tendonitis or arthritis
  • Work or Sport Injuries
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Motor Vehicle Injuries
  • Circulation Problems
  • Pregnancy Discomfort
  • Neurological Conditions eg: Parkinson's
  • Chronic Pain eg: Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Back Pain

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Concussion Baseline Testing

HCRC offers concussion baseline testing.

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