What Should I Expect During Massage Therapy Treatment?

Your Visits

Your first visit is recommended to be one hour in length. It includes a review of your health and medical history, assessment, and treatment, depending on your specific needs. The time frame for future visits can be planned with your therapist.

Your Comfort

Each visit, your therapist will review how you are feeling and provide comfortable positioning for your treatment.

Your therapist will leave the room each visit to allow you to get undressed and position yourself covered under blankets provided. Your body will remain covered throughout treatment. The therapist will only uncover the body part that requires massage. Your comfort and privacy are important. You may ask to keep on any clothing you wish and you may ask to stop treatment at any time.

Your Treatment

Your therapist can use a number of different massage techniques to address your problems. Feedback from you is very important. It helps to guide the therapist to ensure your treatment is benefiting you. Work with your therapist. Express your problems, concerns and goals to get the best results.

A massage therapy treatment session may include education about your problem, advice for home care, and of course direct massage therapy techniques such as:

  • Soft Tissue / Swedish Massage
  • Effleurage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Fascial and Muscular Release Techniques

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Concussion Baseline Testing

HCRC offers concussion baseline testing.

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