Our Physiotherapists Assess and Treat A Wide Variety of Problems

Our Main Clinic Focus is Orthopaedics.

Physiotherapists practicing in this area are skilled in the assessment and treatment of some of the following problems or types of therapies.

Sport Injury Motor Vehicle Injury
Work Injury Repetitive Strain Injury
Back Pain Neck Pain
Tendonitis / Bursitis Muscle Strains / Sprains
Knee, Shoulder, Neck or Back Surgery Sciatica/ Nerve Impingement
Fractures of the arms, legs or spine Headaches
Patella Femoral Syndrome Meniscal Injuries / Arthritis
Rotator Cuff Problems Women's Health

The Halton Community Rehabilitation Centre has therapists who provide physiotherapy for a number of special areas.

Children and Infants

Our paediatric services and transitional paediatric care provide physiotherapy services to children and their families. The transitional service offers physiotherapy as a short term service while children await access to OHIP funded care such as with Erin Oak or the Halton Region. Our children's physiotherapy can provide active treatment and assist families in the management of a number of children's conditions. Some of these might include: Torticollis, Flat Head, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Toe Walking, Hip Deformities, Youth Sport Injuries, Developmental Delay or Neurological Issues.


Our neuro physiotherapy services can offer active treatment for patients who have experienced a stroke, brain injury, or are recovering from a surgery after discharge from hospital and home care services.

As physiotherapy progresses clients are ready to try to return to work or sport, our kinesiology / personal training services can provide clients with the opportunity to participate in an exercise program that is closely supervised and progressed by a kinesiologist/personal trainer that has had more specific training in the area of exercise prescription in rehabilitation.

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Concussion Baseline Testing

HCRC offers concussion baseline testing.

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