Pool Therapy

Pool Rehabilitation Program

The Halton Community Rehabilitation Centre offers both Pool Physiotherapy and Therapeutic Pool Exercise run at a local community pool.

Why exercise in the pool?

If you have difficulty walking, with weight bearing activities, or in lifting your arms, there are several water properties such as buoyancy to make it easier. Hydrotherapy / aquatic rehabilitation allows you to do more in the pool than you may be able to do on land as far as exercise.

The warmth of the pool improves circulation and reduces stiffness and pain while you exercise, which leads to improved mobility outside of the pool.

If you have had a recent injury, pool therapy can allow you to improve your walking, joint range of motion and flexibility earlier than you would be able to on land, due to the buoyancy of the water.

Water exercise gives you the ability to exercise at your own level (water exercise is a very gentle form of exercise), and also exercise under the supervision of a registered physiotherapist and certified kinesiologist, who understands your injury, and can guide you through each stage of your rehabilitation.

If you have difficulty exercising on land, pool hydrotherapy can allow you to participate in an exercise program, which may improve your general sense of well being, as well as give you an opportunity to socialize with other patients in a warm, friendly and non-threatening environment.

The pool program would benefit you !

  • If you have neck or low back pain, an injury, pain, stiffness, or weakness to one of your extremities such as your shoulder, knee or ankle.
  • If you had a surgery such as a knee or hip replacement, shoulder surgery, surgery to repair a broken arm or leg bone, etc.
  • If you have had difficulty attending therapy and performing exercise and feel that the buoyancy of water would assist you to participate.
  • If you have an arthritic condition such as Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, etc.
  • If you had an injury at work or have been involved in a motor vehicle accident and have difficulty moving around and have pain in multiple body parts.
  • If you are generally de-conditioned or a senior citizen who would like to try to exercise in water instead of on land.
  • You have difficulty with exercise on land or if you would like to do an aquafit program, but worry about injuries you may have. You can use our program to gain education and more individual care that you can use to help you make the transition to a community program.

About the Pool Program:

The pool program is supervised by a registered physiotherapist and certified kinesiologist.

The program runs one or two days per week (Wednesday and/or Friday), depending on pool availability.

Each class begins with a warm-up and then moves into mobility exercises, exercises in the deep end of the pool to work on stability, strength and cardiovascular training, followed by stretching.

Pool physiotherapy offers small group of individual exercise specific to each clientís problems.

Non swimmers may remain in the shallow area of the pool for therapy.

The pool program is located at Making Waves Swim Academy. It is located at 250 Bronte Street South.

You must be able to get to the pool and change in and out of your bathing suit yourself. Our staff will assist you to get in and out of the pool if required.

Physician consent is required to attend.

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