Worker Injury Services

Be part of our team to receive treatment and return to work as quickly as possible in a supportive and professional setting.

Work Injury Rehabilitation can include a variety of services, specific to each worker and their setting at work.

Assessment Services

  • Fitness Assessment
  • Pre Work Screening / Physical or Functional Assessment
  • Functional Abilities Assessment
  • Work Site Assessment
  • Return to Work Assessment Job Matching

The worker treatment program may include:

  • Timely access to physiotherapy assessment
  • Injury treatment
  • Work conditioning
  • Assistance with return to work issues
  • Return to work planning
  • Access to pool rehab

Motor Vehicle Injury Services

After a motor vehicle injury managing daily life, going through the process of recovery and rehabilitation, and understanding how our insurance system works can be a difficult process. The team at HCRC can work with you to have a speedy and smooth recovery.

The clinic can provide the following:

  • Education and advice as to resources after an injury.
  • Education and assistance with you motor vehicle insurance claim for rehabilitation services.
  • Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy - Assessment and Treatment.
  • Access to Pool Therapy.
  • Return to work assistance.
  • Transitional kinesiology personal training services for return to work, leisure and sport.

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Concussion Baseline Testing

HCRC offers concussion baseline testing.

CLICK HERE for details