Motor Vehicle Injury Treatments

Motor Vehicle and Work Injuries Treatments

The team at HCRC can work with you to help you through this process and to have the quickest recovery possible.

After a work related or motor vehicle injury, managing daily life, going through the process of recovery and rehabilitation, and understanding how our insurance systems work can be a difficult process.

At HCRC, we ensure you have a comprehensive assessment with a Physiotherapist, who will continue to provide treatment to you during your recovery.

When you come for your assessment, please remember to bring any insurance benefit information that you have, and your claim number that you have been given with resect to your work injury, or motor vehicle injury. If you have not yet been given a claim number, don’t worry, you can still come for an assessment, and you can give this information to us when you have it.


HCRC administrative, physiotherapy and support staff can assist you to:

  • Understand the WSIB or motor vehicle claim process and your rehabilitation benefits/coverage.
  • Provide education and advice regarding resources after your injury.
  • Offer comprehensive physiotherapy and massage therapy assessment and treatment.
  • Provide education regarding any treatment recommendations to ensure you understand and consent to the treatment recommended.
  • Assistance to return to your housekeeping, school, work, sport and recreational activities as quickly as possible.

If you have had a motor vehicle accident, understand your benefits and access to treatment and beware!

  • The motor vehicle injury system can be complicated to understand and overwhelming.
  • Feel free to ask for assistance to understand your ability to access rehabilitation services.
  • Know that you can receive treatment from any provider or clinic of your choice. Motor vehicle insurances companies and lawyers may direct you to receive treatment by a clinic of their preference, which may or may not be located close to you, in Milton. As well, you may not be comfortable or familiar with the clinic recommended.
  • You should be aware that preferred providers have a pre-arranged contract regarding services and pricing. Attend the physiotherapy clinic which you feel BEST ADDRESSES YOUR PROBLEMS AND NEEDS, rather than due to a pre-arranged service recommended based on contracted fees or relationships.
  • For more information regarding preferred providers, you can access the following link https://www.fsco.gov.on.ca/en/auto/autobulletins/2006/Pages/a-08_06.aspx.

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