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Physiotherapy Treatment Protocol

What Should I Expect During Physiotherapy Treatment?

Expect a warm, friendly environment with helpful staff and skilled therapists.


Expect a thorough assessment on your first visit, up to and at times over one hour in length to allow your therapist to identify your problems, and work with you to establish and plan and goals for treatment. Your therapist will try to identify how often you should attend and for how many visits.


Each visit for treatment will consist of significant one on one time with your therapist, chatting about how you are feeling, providing one to one manual therapy techniques, recommending modalities, and reviewing and updating your exercise program.

Therapy techniques can be used to focus on different issues that may be related to your particular problem:

  • Reducing pain, reducing muscle spasm or tone
  • Improving muscle imbalance, reducing muscle tightness
  • Improving mobility or range of motion, improving joint movement
  • Improvement posture or biomechanics
  • Improving strength or stability
  • Improving your ability to function at home, work or during leisure activities

Treatment will vary depending on your specific needs and may include:

Manual Therapy

Joint mobilization, joint manipulation, soft tissue mobilization, soft tissue or myofascial release techniques, muscle techniques, and stretches.

Special Modalities

Ultrasound, interferential current, TENS, iontophoresis, electrical muscle stimulation, acupuncture or traction.


Specific Stretches, Strengthening, Stability Training, Sport or Work Functional Training, Pilates Exercises, Balance and Proprioceptive Training, Work Conditioning, General or Cardiovascular Conditioning.

Your Therapist

All physiotherapists at the Halton Community Rehab Centre are Registered Physiotherapists with the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario and have either a Bachelor or a Masters Degree in Physiotherapy. Therapists have in depth training and education in the assessment and treatment of conditions. All physiotherapists must successfully complete a written and oral exam before they are able to practice in Ontario.

The clinic is committed to high quality care and has therapists having advanced training and qualifications in Orthopaedics.

HCRC is the only clinic in our area to have 3 therapists with specialized training in the area of Orthopaedics. These therapists have achieved the highest current standard in clinical training supported by our Canadian Physiotherapy Association, an Advanced Diploma in Orthopaedic Manual and Manipulative Physiotherapy.

HCRC strives to have all therapists at the clinic commit to achieve this high standard of post graduate training in Orthopaedics. All new therapists at HCRC must commit to their participation in the Orthopaedic program and must participate in a program of mentoring and education to advance their skills.

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