Sport injury therapy and recovery

Sports Therapy

HCRC Physiotherapists have advanced orthopaedic skills and experience assessing and treating injuries related to recreational and competitive sports.

Physiotherapists have provided treatment for for triathletes, cyclists, runners, national level gymnasts, competitive figure skaters and rep hockey, lacrosse and soccer players. HCRC staff have experience in treating a range of other sports and activities such as dance, gymnastics, skiing, curling, karate, tennis, and golf.

While all therapists at HCRC provide sports injury treatment we have a number of therapists with a background and special interest in a specific sport. Let us know your sport and type of injury when you book your assessment visit at the clinic.

HCRC has experienced orthopaedic FCAMPT Physiotherapists who also have experience treating neurological conditions and are able to effectively treat sport related concussions.

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